Our Aspiration And Mission

Tonecity Audio was established in the end of 2014 and develop steady and confidently. We professionally design and manufacture high quality authentic pure analog effect pedal, and pedal power supply etc .instruments.

We hope music will not be luxuries, but necessaries. Under the aspiration on providing professional analog pedals with superior sound and high quality within reach. Our instruments are created to performancing excellent and supporting guitarists finding more possibilities and more space to express themselves.

Our brand is the unique one which highly combine superior timbre processing, professional pure analog technology and superior quality. And we firmly believe only superior timbre and excellent performance will match the guitar players’ increasingly progressive musical sensitivity and creativity along the time goes.

As our products are used by more and more guitar players since our establishment, we received lots of warm feedback and encouragement from customers all around the world. This is really a great appreciation to our products. We will always adhere to design and produce more superior products with good performance to support customers enjoying their guitar playing.

And we believe the time will wintess our mission of making superior products.

Features of our products

With accumulation of years’ experience in purely hand-built effect pedals all by himself at his young age, our founder and engineer, J. Wong, has developed his own understanding on timbre perception and PCB design. He hopes to design classic pure analog pedal instruments to assist guitarists to express and perform.

Our pedals are featured on fat and plump timbre. They easily bring enrich dynamic, vivid and natural timbre without effecting the original sound signal of the guitars and amplifiers. If you hope to keep more sensitive on tone, our pedals will work excellent on this point; if you looking for more space and possibility to express, our pedals are absolutely competent.

Benefit from very stable and steady, precise and pure circuit design, our pedals have very good adaptability on pedal board and work stably in occasions of daily guitar playing, stage performance and studio recording.

As another product line, our pedal power supply, based on very stable, pure and effective design, perform excellently on pedal board.

Our developing .

As the chief engineer&designer who has played guitar from high school and designed guitar pedal for 8 years before Tonecity’s foundation, J.Wong hopes his design with superior timbre and excellant quality will help people who love playing guitar and music will enjoy their each moment and step on the way of their guitar playing . Precisely because of this , Tonecity was founded.

From the foundation, we have not participated to any exhibition or endorsement, we hope to put the fund to the product design and producing as much as we can in the very beginning, we believe that it is the most valuable thing to all of our customers, whether they are guitar lovers, stage performers or creative musicians. And we will persist to do what is the most valuable to our customers in the future.

With the cooperation with our retailing dealers, distributors, our products are known, used and expected by more and more customers. And we have received more and more customers feedback, recognition, trust and support! As a new brand, the sales from one of our agent store exceeded 8000 pcs in one year. This is great affirmation and praise for our products. We are happy to be choosed and loved by so many customers.

Just like users expecting on us, we will not stand still by this step, we will keep providing more superior products and better service.

Read the letters from J.Wong

Hi friend, I am J.Wong, the designer and the founder of Tone City Audio.

In 2005, I bought my first electronic guitar and one distortion effect pedal when I was in high school, as I played more, I was deeply attracted by so many timbres from kinds of pedals abroad when I just heard online. But I did not want to ask for so much money from my mother to purchase them, then I had an idea to design pedals by myself.

This decision made me taking one year longer than my friends to finish my major because I spent most of university time to studying kinds of English data on effect pedals and books about electronic by myself. These helped me a lot to design . My first pure hand-built pedal was completed which was an overdrive pedal and it was inspired by the legendary green distortion of the 1980s, it made me known by users in the biggest guitar forum in China in the second year of my colleague . But my major was about BAS (Building Automation System),so I spent one more year to finish my major and graduated from university.

Well, it was not a good news for a student in China maybe, but I did not feel regretful because I found I can’t stop designing. After I left from campus, I persist what I love till now. After 6 years design carrier in a company,I hope to control all the key points on a product design, then TONECITY was founded in the end of 2014.

Tone City is young and new brand, but we are full of passion. Each product comes out after many time’s verification. It is not perfect, but we are trying full effort to make best. We will be always commitment to provide good pedals with high quality and superior timbre and related instruments for musicians all over the world.

For protecting the environment, all of our pedals are designed without using battery and packaged plainly and simply.

Thank you for choosing us.

Hope all of you can enjoy playing on your own stage.


From Tone City Audio.


The second letter from J.Wong

To all of you !

Hello friend, it has been eight years since my first letter to you!

Many things happened during the past years, I hope all of you are well!

Since the beginning, we started the cooperation with our dealer and distributor just by a call or an e-mail , even a recommendation, now more and more guitar player can get our products easily. All these thanks to our distributors, dealers and our market people’s effort. And of course all these happened due to customers who love Tonecity products. We will not stop providing superior products.

During the past nine years, we received many letters from our customers.

Some people wrote generally to ask whether our pedals are 100% pure analog pedals or not? “Yes, 100% pure analog if we published on website”. This is what I love and persistent in timbre.

We focus on designing guitar pedals combining all analog technology, superior sound, and excellent quality, So that more and more people who love playing guitar will enjoy by using professional 100% analog pedals. If you are happy with the sound our products bring you, I am happy too. Because you share the same happiness I felt when I finished them.

And some people wrote to us just to say thanks for providing so good analog pedals, I am happy too as you did not buy them as toys but use them in your daily guitar playing. Isn't it the best orientation of for our pedals? To me, being used with high frequency is the most important part of a good pedal. Hope our pedals witness each moment your playing.

Many people wrote us to ask how to buy in their country,and many stores wrote to us for inquiring being our dealer, I really feel grateful for all your concern and interest.

We also received letters from users who care about our new products. Actually it really takes time to give a birth to new product. I have requirements for sound, I automatically put myself in user’s perspective. When I want an ideal sound, it usually takes times and times to debug and remake the design, even when I think it is the time almost get the sound I want, but sometimes it is a sound far from what I want! Fortunately, it is usually like the darkness before dawn! So thanks for keeping focus on Tonecity and waiting for the new products.

Tonecity is not a fast growing brand, it started from an pure idea at my young age, and it was given birth when I wanted to take care of all works to make it come true, and it grows with tenacity no matter what happened.

I also want to share some funny things, I sometimes joke to myself that “you will not be a great guitar player because you have turn your direction and stepped on the way to design good pedals for guitar players ” it is my real thought, and I am happy on my choice, no matter how small an idea or a dream sounds, if it makes you feel happy, then just take care of it and take action for it, when you enjoy this, you are creating! It may not grow as fast plants, but someday it will bloom and fruit.

Worth your time, enjoy your playing and create your music!

Be heared as you wish !


9th.March. 2023